When your company in Tulsa, OK, suffers sewer damage, it’s imperative to secure help immediately from experts who understand the value of your business and know the intricacies of sewer cleanup. Turn to Burggraf to assist in black water cleanup and restore your property quickly. Their experienced, trained technicians understand the sewage process and deliver high-quality in each stage.

1. Locate the Source of the Sewer Backup

Several issues lead to backups, such as tree root overgrowth, cracks in underground lines, clogs and blockages and sump pump overflows. Therefore, emergency restoration teams first identify the underlying trouble, reducing continued spillage.

2. Evaluate the Premises

Employees are certified to perform numerous tests, learning the extent of sewer cleanup. They promptly begin assessing the water contamination’s spread. Using data from air and structural samples, they put together a detailed protocol on how to restore and sanitize the rooms.

3. Protect and Secure Contents

Black water hosts numerous organisms, including bacteria and mold. It quickly absorbs into porous items. Specialists meticulously scrutinize items, determining whether they are safe to clean and keep. In addition, professionals relocate currently unexposed possessions to safer locations to avoid additional loss.

4. Dry the Space

Dampness permits mold and mildew growth, triggering spore reproduction. Teams immediately work to extract moisture, running dehumidifiers around the clock. They use air movers to bolster airflow. In addition, they remove heavily soiled pieces, reducing spore and water exposure. They frequently take moisture readings using tools, monitoring the levels.

5. Sanitize the Room

With the humidity under control, attention turns to wiping down and scrubbing the walls, floors and ceilings. The staff uses deodorizing equipment, fogging equipment and antimicrobial treatments. They disinfect the section affected by the flooded toilet and restore it to a functioning level.

When your company requires sewer cleanup, turn to Burggraf professionals for help. Their trained team understands the need for promptness and detailed care.