Medical Disaster Restoration

From hospitals and surgery centers to nursing homes and assisted living, Burggraf has the experience and flexibility to keep your facility safe and running while cleaning up after a disaster.


Most medical centers can’t shut down. They’re operating 24/7. At Burggraf, we work around your hours to ensure we cause as little interruption to your daily routines as possible. Need us to come in at 3am? That’s when we’ll be there.

Every floor of a hospital has special needs, from the regular floors to maternity wards to surgical floors to Alzheimer’s wings. We have experience restoring a wide range of medical environments. We adapt quickly to every situation so that your workflow isn’t disrupted while we get your building cleaned up and repaired quickly.


Hospitals and surgery centers have special concerns that no other industry deals with in the event of a disaster. Sanitization is of the highest priority, and different wards have different needs. People’s lives are at stake, and any mistake could be deadly.

With 40+ years of experience, Burggraf has the know-how to handle these jobs safely. We practice rigorous discipline and maintain high quality standards to prevent cross-contamination. We know how to clean your facility while keeping your immunocompromised patients safe.


You can’t bring a fan from a residential job into a surgery center. With a 40,000-square foot facility packed with state-of-the-art equipment, we’ve got what you need to get the job done.

All our equipment is sanitized for hospital use only in order to prevent cross-contamination. We clean it thoroughly after every job so we’re not risking the health of your patients and staff.

Containment Checklist

We handle all ICRA protocols and guidelines.

Proper containment

Containment must be sealed, air-tight, no cross-contamination. Many times, we use solid wall containment instead of plastic walls to meet that need. We build as many walls as we need around the area.

Personal protection equipment

You can’t enter an area without being fully suited up. Our employees wear a full face mask, boots, and gloves, especially in a sterile environment.

Exit & entry points

In containment areas, you need sub-sterile entry and exit points where you can remove clothing if necessary.

Removing debris

Sometimes protocols require that we double- or triple-bag debris in carts with carts covered with plastic. We wipe those down with antimicrobials before transferring into hospital environment.

Dust control

Depending on what part of hospital it is, we work with the staff to set up negative air pressure system in order to control dust.


We always try to use green products if possible. Sometimes with sewage loss, we have to use hotter products to maintain sterility.

Our Memberships

East Central High Testimonial

A fire in our gym threatened to cancel our home basketball season. Fire & smoke made our facility unplayable! Within an hour, Burggraf called. Within one day they were cleaning and restoring the facility. Without a doubt I would definitely call Burggraf Restoration. Great people – great company.

– Tom O’Malley, East Central High Principal

Restoring Since 1964

Trust 50+ years of experience, including ten years in this very specialized industry. We have dozens of highly qualified personnel to put on these projects.

Swift Response 24/7. We establish separate teams, a day and night shift, so we can work around the clock and get your facility up to code as fast as possible.

Don’t trust your hospital to just any restoration company. Trust it to the best in the business.

Our Medical Clients

We’ve worked with more than 50 hospitals and well over 100 nursing homes in the Tulsa area, including:

Hillcrest Medical Center Tulsa
Bailey Medical Center Owasso
Claremore Regional Hospital
OSU Medical Center Tulsa
Nowata Nursing Center
Brookdale Tulsa Midtown
Canoe Brook Assisted Living
Cedar Ridge Senior Living

IICRC Certifications

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Applied Microbial Remediation
Carpet Cleaning
Upholstery & Fabric Cleaning
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DKI Annual Conference – 2019

Give us a call day or night, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’re here to help!


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You name it, we’ve repaired the damage left by it and cleaned up the aftermath.