Tulsa Fire & Smoke Damage Repair

Burggraf Disaster Restoration specializes in Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration for residents of Tulsa and surrounding areas. We understand the stress and devastation a fire can cause to your home or business and strive to help you bring your life back to normal as soon as possible.

Our Tulsa fire damage restoration team is committed to restoring your property back to its pre-fire condition or even better. We specialize in handling everything from mild smoke damage to complete destruction.

Post-fire cleanup can seem like an impossible task, but with Burggraf Disaster Restoration you don’t have to worry about it. Our goal is to take the stress off your shoulders and make the process as stress-free as possible.

The Fire Restoration Process

1: Call us as soon as disaster strikes, and we’ll have our crews out there as fast as possible to preserve and protect your property.

2: All items that can be removed will be carefully packaged, labeled, and taken to our facility for cleaning, reconditioning, and storage, if necessary.

3: We will assess your property and determine what needs to be done to restore it safely.

4: We will restore all structural damage to surfaces affected by the fire, smoke, and soot.

5: Once your home is completely restored, we return all of your stored and reconditioned items.

Burnt house

The Hyatt Hotel Project

“I really enjoy working with Burggraf Restoration because they are always responsive and they are always here to help us and help get the business back up and running quickly.”

“In about 15 minutes Burggraf had a manager on site, ready to mobilize a team.”

– James Cunningham, General Manager

Emergency Fire Damage Restoration Services in Tulsa

Fire damage scenarios in Tulsa are always unique, as no two fires are alike. Each fire differs in terms of its cause, composition, size, waste production – some involving over 100 complex chemical reactions! These variables will dictate how the restoration process is carried out after a fire.

To assist you with planning your recovery process, we provide a free, no-obligation quote and time estimate for fire damage repairs. Should you select us to handle the repairs, our skilled professionals will work diligently to restore your property as if it were our own, with the goal of getting you back to your normal life as quickly as possible.

With over three decades of experience restoring fire-damaged homes, we are certain that we can help you return to normal after a fire. Let us be your partner during this trying time.

Tulsa Fire/Smoke Damage Restoration FAQs

Why Is Using a Certified Tulsa Fire Damage Restoration Company Important?

Smoke and fire damage require specialized expertise to clean up and repair. Fires pose many hazards, such as dangerous contamination that can spread beyond the affected area into air vents and attics, leaving behind an unpleasant odor that lingers for days. Soot may cover significant portions of a home; delaying cleanup or hiring a company lacking proper certification and experience can have disastrous results.

At Burggraf Disaster Restoration, our certified cleanup and restoration technicians are highly experienced and knowledgeable, taking into account all these variables to quickly restore your property so you can get back to normal life. We strive for efficiency and effectiveness so you can enjoy a stress-free return home.

Is Exposure To Smoke Residue Hazardous To My Health?

Smoke residue can be hazardous for one’s health and be toxic due to the presence of tar, carbon, heavy metals and other hazardous toxins. Prolonged exposure to smoke residue may lead to breathing complications, lung or sinus issues and skin irritations. Carbon monoxide left behind from fires may prevent oxygen reaching critical organs such as the heart and brain, spreading quickly throughout rooms where it attaches itself to soft surfaces like curtains, beds or carpets leaving unspent fuel residue that increases fire risks in future. It is essential that you hire a professional cleaner who can thoroughly remove this hazardous residue so you do not face future incidents yourself.

What Should I Do After Fire Or Smoke Damage?

The initial and most important step is to temporarily relocate your family or building occupants to a safe location. Fire damage not only causes property damage and unpleasant odors, it can make your home structurally unsound as well as create health risks from smoke residue. File an insurance claim and contact an established Tulsa fire damage restoration company like Burggraf Disaster Restoration for immediate assistance.

What Is Fire Damage Restoration?

Once we arrive at your property, we will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the damage. Our cleaning and restoration strategy is customized based on the extent, number of affected rooms, as well as other elements like wiring, windows, HVAC system, plumbing and more. As each project is unique, we will provide you with a more in-depth job summary after our initial assessment.

Do I Need To Vacate The Area During Restoration?

Though relocating your family during our restoration services may be inconvenient, we strongly encourage it. Fire-damaged homes and buildings are especially vulnerable to further hazards like flooding, mold growth, and health risks. During our initial consultation, we will review your best options for moving your family away from a potentially hazardous location.

How Long Will It Take For The Smell of Smoke To Go Away?

Fire and smoke restoration projects involve many variables. Our certified professionals will create a tailored plan for you that addresses the source of the issue, cleans up affected areas, and applies an appropriate deodorizer to eliminate odor-causing molecules.


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