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A flooded living room with furniture floating in the water, displaying how water damage can hurt.

Water Damage

Whether it’s a burst pipe or storm flooding, it’s important to act quickly. Burggraf can be on the ground fast to help you salvage as much as possible.

A firefighter fighting a blaze, preventing fire damage.

Fire Damage

A fire turns your life upside down in a flash. Let one of Oklahoma’s oldest disaster restoration companies help you get back on your feet.

Mold Remediation

Burggraf was the first company certified in mold remediation in Oklahoma. Let us make sure your property is safe and clean after a mold disaster.

Storm Damage

Oklahoma’s weather is notoriously hard on property. If you’ve gotten up close and personal with some nasty storms, let Burggraf get you back to normal quickly.

Tulsa Damage Restoration Specialists

Burggraf Disaster Restoration has been providing businesses and residents of Tulsa with damage restoration services for over three decades. Our services are available 24/7, 365 days a year to handle a wide range of incidents such as storm damage, water damage, mold remediation, and fire damage.

As Tulsa’s most trusted Disaster Restoration company, our highly skilled technicians consistently surpass industry standards and expectations. All of our restoration experts are certified and regularly trained on the most cutting-edge restoration techniques and innovations. We approach each emergency service, repair service, and cleanup service thoroughly with close attention to detail.

Burggraf Disaster Restoration is prepared to respond promptly in the event of natural disasters, man-made incidents and all potential water damage emergencies.

After returning from vacation, the last thing you want to find is a flooded basement in your new home. Unfortunately, these types of inconveniences can occur without warning and leave you feeling helpless. When the unexpected happens, Burggraf Disaster Restoration is here to respond quickly.

No Tulsa homeowner or business owner wants to endure the devastation of dealing with a catastrophe – roofs ripped apart by tornados or torrential downpours resulting in severe flooding; yet these natural disasters sometimes occur.  When they do, we are here to help.

No matter the magnitude or type of disaster, our team is ready to dispatch a restoration team at once. When disaster strikes in Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma City or beyond, you can count on us for reliable assistance.

Disaster Restoration FAQs

Why Should I Hire A Damage Restoration Company?

Your home, business and valued possessions are vulnerable to devastation from floods, fires, tornadoes and severe thunderstorms. But it doesn’t always take natural disasters for professional assistance to become necessary – even a burst pipe or the detection of mold should prompt you to contact Burggraf Disaster Restoration immediately.

Burggraf Disaster Restoration offers water damage, fire and smoke damage, mold remediation, storm damage, and remodeling/renovation services to homeowners and businesses in Tulsa, Broken Arrow, and throughout Oklahoma.

Should I Try To Take On a Disaster Restoration Project myself?

Simply put, no. Doing something incorrectly can have far greater repercussions than one might think and put your family or employees in jeopardy.

Flooding or a burst pipe not only causes extensive water damage, but it can also create the perfect breeding ground for black mold growth. As this poses serious health risks, it’s best to leave this task to experts. Our protective gear ensures not only safety but also prevents the spread of mold to other parts of the property.

When Will I Be Able To Return To My Tulsa Home or Business?

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this question as it depends on a variety of factors.

First and foremost, we evaluate the extent of destruction. We must assess whether there have been any structural issues which could have made a building or residence unstable. Then, we ensure that the area is free of hazardous substances like mold.

From there, we assess the size of a property that requires disaster restoration services. Finally, we take into account any furniture or other belongings that require attention.

At Burggraf Disaster Restoration, we consider a variety of factors to estimate our timeframe. We pledge to always be truthful and up front with you about our progress. We understand the necessity of getting back into your regular routine quickly.  Our work will be done as efficiently as possible while also being mindful of your safety.

How Much Does Tulsa Disaster Restoration Cost?

Costs may vary depending on the severity of the damage, but are often covered under your insurance policy. Contact Burggraf Disaster Restoration today to review your building and policy details, create a disaster recovery plan that fits within budget, and avoid any unpleasant surprises in the future.

How Will Burggraf Disaster Restoration's Team Work With My Insurance Company?

Before beginning any services you require, Burggraf Disaster Restoration confirms your insurance policy and approved coverages. Our in-house damage restoration experts allow us to act promptly during disasters. Prior to any disaster, Burggraf Disaster Restoration works together with your insurer to create an inventory, take photographs of the current building and its contents, and create an emergency response agreement. Throughout the restoration process, we keep the insurance company informed and send photographs for prevention of miscommunication or unexpected expenses.

How Long Can I Expect It To Take To Repair Flood Damage?

The duration of the restoration process varies depending on the extent of damage to your building, but we typically carry out it in stages to enable tenants to return to their premises quickly and safely. The repair period is also determined by any structural damage that may not be immediately evident. If no reconstruction is required, then the restoration can proceed quickly; however, certain aspects may need to be done continuously over a prolonged period of time for optimal effectiveness. 

What Do I Need To Do To Start The Disaster Restoration Process?

In the event of a natural disaster or accident, reach out to Burggraf Disaster Restoration so we can evaluate your property. We’ll work closely with your insurance provider and its adjusters, offering recommendations for recovering materials, clearing debris, and reconstructing your building.

Heather Burggraf
Heather Burggraf
My dad is the best! He can fix anything!!
Dee Huggins
Dee Huggins
My Project Manager was Jason. He was very attentive to our needs and I can’t say enough good things about him. The work done was impeccable. I would recommend them to anyone.
Tyler Lynch
Tyler Lynch
Yea hi, I keep seeing your company vehicles and thinking they're whataburger delivery vans.
Jim Cameron
Jim Cameron
Great Oklahoma company that works hard to get you fixed up when you've had a disaster fall in your lap.
Paula Mirkin
Paula Mirkin
We used this company for our house and Larry Million and his crew were awesome. I was so stressed out cause this was my daughters house who she lives with two disabled roommates and she is disabled and they were staying in a hotel and I was burning up Larry’s phone everyday but he was calm and very professional and kept me up to date on everything and worked with the insurance adjustor. They did a professional job and I would definitely recommend this company. Thanks Burggraph for all your hard work.