Spring Storm Damage or May Flowers?

In northeastern Oklahoma, this time of year often means hail, high winds, storm damage, and home improvement projects. Whether this spring brings renovation and May flowers or severe storms and hail damage, we’re here to help.

When storms hit hard, there’s often little to no warning. But mitigating the damage is possible with a quick assessment and a phone call to a disaster restoration company. Just take a deep breath and pick up the phone.

Home Improvement Projects or Problems?

With decades of experience in home renovation in the process of cleanup and disaster restoration, we’ve seen it all. If you started a bathroom project only to discover you need the pipes replaced – we can help! If halfway into a kitchen renovation your other half decided it was better the way it was – we’ve been there too.

Sometimes it’s as simple as putting a plan together to get it finished quickly. Other times, deep issues like electrical problems, mold remediation or structural concerns must be addressed first.

No matter what, it’s best to have a professional take a look before proceeding.

Through the Storms of Life – We’re Here!

So, let’s work together to mitigate the storm damage, cleanup the mess, or just get your home improvement projects back on track. You can still create something beautiful this season!

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