First responders are often the first to arrive at the scene of a disaster. They frequently put their lives at risk for the sake of others. In order to remain as safe as possible, it is necessary for any first responder in Broken Arrow, OK to be fully informed. Here are three important things that any first responders that are part of a flood response should know.

1. Get the Proper Immunizations

All first responders should be sure to check that their immunizations are up to date. If they are not, they should get them at the first available opportunity. Some immunizations are required for first responders in certain situations, while others are merely recommended. Here are some immunizations a first responder might need to get:

Hepatitis B
Hepatitis A

2. Wear Protective Gear

All first responders working on or near flooded sites should make sure to don the appropriate protective gear. This includes goggles, rubber or plastic gloves and a protective suit or outer garments that are resistant to chemicals. Boots are also necessary. Protective gear keeps first responders safe from contact with any questionable materials that may be floating around in the water.

3. Be Aware of Hazards

Those who are part of a flood response team, might be expected to enter or work around or even in a flooded building or house in need of a professional restoration service. Responders should be on the lookout for chemical and electrical hazards. They should also be aware that mildew and mold also present a possible hazard and limit exposure accordingly by wearing N-95 masks (not regular surgical or dust masks). First responders should also watch out for unstable spots in the landscape and sinkholes that might have been caused by the heavy influx of water.

Being a first responder is a noble calling, but one fraught with danger. Staying informed and following precautions is important to minimizing accidents.