A fire in your Oklahoma commercial building can seem overwhelming. You want to do everything possible to salvage your company’s belongings and get everyone back on the property. However, certain actions could worsen the fire damage or put yourself at risk. That is why you should wait for the fire restoration experts to arrive before you attempt major repairs.

Still, you do not have to sit outside your charred building feeling helpless. There are some ways you can mitigate the damage while you wait for the professionals at Burggraf Disaster Restoration.

1. Contact Your Insurer

After you contact the remediation company, your next call should be to your fire insurance provider. The insurer can work with the restoration experts to limit the amount of money you will have to pay for repairs.

2. Protect Certain Items

Once you re-enter the building, put clean linens or towels on top of upholstery, carpets and rugs. Also, clean chrome items with a light coating of oil or petroleum jelly. This will give the fire restoration experts one less thing to do.

3. Empty the Kitchen

Remove any food from the refrigerators and freezers in the building. Make sure the electricity is turned off first.

4. Stay Safe

Certain activities are particular dangerous after a fire. Electronics, in particular, may be unsafe to handle. Do not turn on any ceiling lights if you notice the ceiling is wet. You also should avoid cleaning any electronics that were close to heat, water or fire.

5. Have Garments Properly Cleaned

Finally, take special care of any uniforms or other garments that were harmed in the fire. Make sure you send them to dry cleaners who specialize in smoke cleaning.

Fire restoration is a complex process that is best left to the professionals. Still, you can perform some initial steps immediately after the blaze. This will make things easier for the experts while preventing further harm.