When your home in Broken Arrow, OK catches fire, fire restoration specialists may be able to salvage the structure itself and many of your belongings. There are certain items, however, that they will almost always need to throw away. It’s important to know what is safe to keep and what needs to be tossed after a fire.


High heat and the chemicals used to put out a house fire cause irreparable damage to most food items, making them unfit to eat. Fire safety experts advise that you trash certain items:

All pantry items exposed to heat or chemicals
Any perishable item left in an open or damaged refrigerator
Any food left out on the counter

Even if your canned goods don’t show outward signs of damage once they’ve cooled off, the excess heat of the house fire probably cooked the food inside and made it unsafe to consume. The only way to ensure that they are safe to keep is if the fire was in a remote part of the house and the kitchen temperature did not rise at any point.


Likewise, you will probably need to throw away most of the supplies in your bathroom as well. Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, soap, makeup, toothpaste and all other types of toiletries are not formulated to withstand the extreme temperatures of a house fire. Toss everything out and buy new products.


You should never put anything been affected by a house fire in or on your body. This especially pertains to medication. Your prescription and over-the-counter meds must be stored at the temperature indicated on the packaging. If the temperature around it wavered from that range at any time, accept that the loss of your medication is part of the overall fire damage done to your home.

After a fire, you may be surprised at how much technicians are able to salvage. Consumables such as food, toiletries and medications are not part of that list, though. Throw away everything that is ruined and replace it with something new.