You’ve probably been in homes before where creaking, cracking and other sounds are common. These may not be big concerns; however, if you hear loud noises coming from the pipes of your own house, it’s important to identify what is causing the problem and what you can do about it. A variety of issues could be causing the sounds. Some of these could be serious and indicate a pipe break, which would require immediate attention.

The Importance of Plumbing Maintenance

Your first line of defense against a pipe burst is to stay on top of plumbing issues before they occur. You can do this by following these guidelines:

Have a plumber inspect your system each year.
Repair or replace damaged pipe as soon as possible.
Pay attention to pipe leaks.


It is common for people to hear a humming sound coming from their pipes. This indicates that there is too much water pressure for the pipes to handle. The humming comes because the pipes are vibrating, usually when the water is running. A plumber can test the water pressure and help regulate it.


A rattling sound can be ominous, giving you the impression that you’re about to experience a pipe break. Ordinarily, you can easily solve this issue by securing the pipes to the ceiling or wall. More than likely, the fastener has broken or become loose.


A high-pitched whistling noise probably means that a washer has worn out in the pipe. This can frequently happen in lines near appliances such as dishwashers. To fix broken pipe, a plumber or a professional water damage cleanup team can help.


Loud banging sounds mean that there is a water hammer in the pipes. This happens when a valve is suddenly closed, trapping a flow of water that then crashes against the closed valve. It also may mean air has become trapped in the line.

Getting a professional from Burggraf Disaster Restoration on the case is your best bet to repair these issues. Get the help you need so you don’t have a pipe break.