When you think of disasters, you probably think of tornados, hurricanes, or fires — the most infamous ones that get the most attention. But often, small, unexpected events can wreak havoc on your property in a short period of time. One of these kinds of disasters is windstorms, and damages after a windstorm can vary. 


Many people associate windstorms with tornadoes or hurricanes, but they are actually different. A windstorm is a short period of strong straight winds 34 mph or stronger. Often, these brief periods happen during a thunderstorm, and they may or may not come with precipitation. Windstorms cause tree damage, roof damage, and a number of other correlated issues. So what kind of damages might you face after a windstorm?

Windstorms Cause Roof Damage


Windstorms often cause major tree damage, breaking limbs and throwing those limbs around. If your home is close to a large tree, these limbs could cause major damage to your roof.


However, even without tree damage, some windstorms are strong enough to damage your roof by lifting the shingles. Especially on old or poorly-installed roofs, wind can get underneath the shingles and lift them. This allows water to affect the decking underneath and even ripping the shingles off entirely.

Windstorms Cause Window Damage


Your windows are also affected by flying objects such as ricks, limbs, and debris. These objects can crack or even shatter your windows. Stay away from windows during serious windstorms to ensure safety. Depending on the severity and frequency, you could consider boarding your windows if necessary. 

Windstorms Cause Road Blockages


Falling trees and debris often collapse on roads during a windstorm, causing blockages and traffic backups. If you’re planning on traveling after a windstorm, be prepared for these setbacks! It takes a while for public works and the necessary people to safely remove the limbs and branches. 

Windstorms Cause Electrical Hazards


Downed power lines often create significant hazards after a windstorm. If there are any downed power lines near your home, call your power provider and have their professional teams address the damage. Never go near power lines, as the current can travel through other downed objects.


If your home experiences damages after a windstorm, our professional disaster restoration team is here to help! Windstorms are frightening and leave a lot of obstacles to work through, but our team can help eliminate the stress and get life back to normal! Call Burggraf Restoration for all your home or business remediation needs.