Water Damage Restoration after Tulsa Father’s Day Storm

The 2023 Father’s Day storm slammed through Tulsa and the surrounding areas. Winds in excess of 100mph upended trees, knocked out power to more than 200,000 residents, and left hundreds of people facing significant damage to their homes. 

“My house was destroyed when the old tree in the backyard fell and essentially split my house in (half),” said Mike Carr, Tulsa homeowner.  

“Chuck and Bill with Burggraf were right there to help,” he said. More than a hundred Oklahomans also called Burggraf to help restore their homes after water and wind damage from the storm.

“We Can Rebuild Anything”

Bill Shouse was one of the first of Burggraf’s people to get out to the site.

It split the house in half,” Bill said. We had to hire a crane tree service to come in and get the tree off of his house.”

Repairing the house required an intense amount of work. The massive tree took out the full-masonry fireplace, the den, the kitchen, the bedroom and part of the bathroom. Heavy rain from the storm caused water damage as well. 

“Can this be rebuilt?” Mr. Carr asked the Burggraf team.

“We can rebuild anything,” Chuck assured him. 

Step 1: Insurance

The first week of the project involved getting the tree off of the structure, then temporarily boarding and tarping to secure the home from further water damage. 

Then came the lengthy insurance and estimating process. 

“Like every water damage job we were doing during that time, insurance companies were just overwhelmed,” Bill said. “And you’re bound by their schedule.”

“Burggraf (was) there to help every step of this process; very aware of how hard this was for me,” said Mr. Carr.

Burggraf kept pressure on the insurance company, and three months later, they finally approved the water damage restoration work. Burggraf could move forward with rebuilding Mr. Carr’s home. 

Step 2: Rebuilding

“They were perfect to work with,” said Mr. Carr. “Responsive, helpful and courteous every step of the way.”

Because of the wiring damage in the attic, the house had to be completely rewired. There was also a gas line to the fireplace, so they ended up updating and repairing all the gas lines as well. 

Framing and roofing followed, along with plumbing and the brand-new heating and air system along with all new ductwork.

Once all their inspections passed, they started on the drywall process, followed by trim, new cabinets, new countertops and backsplash, new light fixtures, and new flooring, completely transforming the old kitchen. 

“This is one of my better projects than I’ve ever done,” said Bill. “Mr. Carr was fantastic and so easy to deal with. 

“Once we got into the process a couple of months, he said, ‘Look, you know what you’re doing. You just guide me when I need to be guided and put my house back together.’” 

Mr. Carr came in to pick out light fixtures and things like that, but left it up to Burggraf to finish. He also requested the crew remove a wall between the kitchen and the old living room, which the Burggraf crew fulfilled easily.

Then they repaired the stone and brick on the exterior of the house, and gave it a new paint job. 

Burggraf also managed the city inspection process, making sure everything was up to code through the water damage restoration. 

Finishing Up

“They have put my house back together beautifully, better than ever,” said Mr. Carr. 

The entire project took nine months from the storm in June 2023 to early April 2024. Delays from the insurance and estimating process and waiting for the mortgage company to release funds pushed the actual rebuilding work back to September 2023. 

“That’s why we always recommend that anyone who goes through these types of water damage events contact a restoration contractor like Burggraf,” said Robert Williams, General Manager for Burggraf. “Because we will manage the job from start to finish.” 

“We will be your advocate to the insurance company. We’ll make sure that everything gets approved that can get approved, and that funds are released whenever they need to be released.” 

“Having a water damage restoration contractor involved, eases the burden on the homeowner dramatically. Trying to handle the entire process on your own can be just overwhelming.”

“100% the only company I’d call if another disaster occurs,” said Mr. Carr.  

Make Your Plan Now for Dealing With Storm Damage

If you have storm or water damage and have no idea where to start, call Burggraf at  (918) 584-3737. We can rebuild anything.