You need a little extra heat in that chilly corner of your home in Tulsa, OK, but you know that space heaters can be dangerous. Fire restoration experts have seen the damage from a burned space heater in far too many homes. They encourage some basic safety with these useful little supplemental heaters.

Features of a Safe Heater

Space heaters can catch fire due to poor design. Here are the elements to look for when purchasing a space heater:

  • Thermostat
  • Automatic shut off
  • Stable design

In general, you want a heater that will turn itself off if it becomes too hot or it tips over. Ideally, you want one that has a wide base and a design that makes it likely to remain upright. A clean heater is a safe heater. Keep the unit free of dust and debris, and clean all filters and screens regularly.

Tips for Safe Usage to Avoid Smoke Cleanup

Design is important, but most burned space heater incidents are due to careless use. Prevent fire damage, property losses, and the need for repairs and cleanup by using your space heater properly.

Never use extension cords with space heaters, and do not leave them unattended. Always set them on a solid, flat surface, preferably the floor. Most importantly, keep the heater a minimum of three feet from anything flammable like:

  • Furniture
  • Curtains
  • Bedding
  • Clothing
  • Paper

These items can burn if left near a heat source. Once a fire starts inside your home, it can spread quickly. Prevention is far preferable to dealing with a house fire, so keep all flammable materials a safe distance from the heater.Never block an exit route, and be sure not to place the heater where it is likely to be knocked over by general foot traffic, children or pets.

Space heaters are efficient and cost-effective. If you use them properly, they are also safe. Follow these simple tips, and you can warm up a cold room without any danger of a burned space heater or a house fire.