The effects of a fire in your office building can be devastating. Even minor fire damage can become a burden on your business. In severe cases, you won’t be able to enter your building until cleanup and restoration crews make it safe to do so. In the meantime, it’s important to secure your facility to prevent mischief or thievery.

The Rationale

You’re already facing turmoil and stress having to relocate your business and pick up the pieces after a terrible ordeal. You don’t want to have to add insult to injury by dealing with people breaking into your building. Looting is common in temporarily closed buildings.

• Your insurance company will probably require you to secure your facility.
• Emergency services personnel will direct you in how to best secure your building.
• Do not attempt to go inside your building without permission from emergency services.

Close all Entrances

During normal operating situations, you’ll lock your doors and may even have an alarm system deterring suspicious activity around your building. However, fire damage may make these protective measures obsolete, and looters may see a golden opportunity. Board up doors and windows, as many of these have likely been compromised due to the fire.

Board up Other Possible Entry Points

Looters won’t hesitate to find other ways to get inside your building. After the fire, there are likely gaps and holes in the structure where someone could access the facility. Look for any other spots you need to board up and make sure they are secure.

Consider Security

One of the best ways to keep people away from your Jenks, OK, building during the fire cleanup and restoration process is to place a security guard or two on-site. This extra cost will be well worth your efforts.

Fire damage can be difficult enough to contend with; you don’t want people breaking into your building. Make sure you follow these guidelines to ensure items inside your office remain untouched.