Your furnace is an important part of your Tulsa, OK, home, especially during the winter months. However, as with other equipment in your home, the furnace must be properly maintained. A dirty furnace could malfunction and even cause a blaze. You should thus clean the furnace regularly to avoid the need for fire cleaning services.

A typical furnace has three parts. All of them should be cleaned each year before the cold weather arrives:

Filter system

Furnace Cleaning

The filter requires the most attention. Check it at the start of the winter season and then again during each of the cold months. Hold it up to the light to see if it is clear. Any dirt should be removed immediately.

If the filter is heavily clogged, you should replace it entirely. Otherwise, you may find yourself needing to hire smoke cleaning professionals.
Use a toothbrush to scrub the blower blades and the spaces in between them. Then use a vacuum cleaner hose to remove the remaining debris and dirt. To avoid spending money on fire cleaning services, you should use the vacuum on the pulleys and belts as well.

Other Maintenance

Whenever you check your filter, you should also do an inspection of the entire furnace system. Start by looking at the motor. Many furnace motors have permanent lubrication. However, motors with oil ports need to be lubricated each year. Just apply a few drops of motor oil to each port. Any oil ports on the blower shaft should be lubricated in a similar fashion.

You should look at the blower’s belts as well. If they appear frayed or worn, replace them right away. Make sure that the new belts are the same size and type as the old ones are.

With regular maintenance, you can prevent a furnace blaze. Inspect the furnace and replace the filter regularly so that fire cleaning professionals will not have to come to your home.