Fire damage is a stressful experience for everyone involved. It’s important to start the fire cleanup process as soon as possible after a fire has occurred. When you call Burggraf Disaster Restoration, we’ll assess your property and determine what needs to be done. We remove smoke residue, clear up water damage, or any other aspect of the cleanup process. We make sure that all damaged items are properly protected. Here is the commercial fire cleanup process:

Assess the Fire Damage

The first step is to assess the damage from the fire. This will help us determine the extent of the damage, and help us make a plan for the cleanup and restoration process. We check for various types of damage in your commercial business such as fire, smoke, soot, and water.

Fire and Smoke Damage

We check all rooms, hallways, and other spaces that were potentially damaged by smoke or heat from a fire. Smoke residue is visible on ceilings, walls and floors. Soot is likely a problem in your business after a fire. Soot is a powdery substance that will settle on surfaces, walls, ceilings, and in your HVAC system.

Water Damage

A trained professional checks for evidence of water damage as well, including moisture stains on ceilings or walls where water has pooled after the fire has died down. Mold growth is also visible on surfaces within the building after the firefighters have the flames under control. We look for blackened areas that resemble mold growths along baseboards or molding trim around doors/window sills/etc.

Inventory and Protect Undamaged Items

The first step in the commercial fire cleanup process is to make a list of everything that was damaged. This is done by taking inventory of all items on the premises, or use a computer program like Microsoft Excel to track them all down.

Once you’ve gone through your list, it’s time to protect those items from further damage. Protecting undamaged items seems like an obvious thing to do. Amid the chaos of a fire, it’s easy to forget about the things that survived.

You have already thrown away damaged furniture or other large pieces of equipment that are easily replaced with another set if they weren’t protected. If so, be cautious when moving these types of things around so as not to accidentally crush any other smaller items underneath them.

Start Cleaning Up the Fire

Immediately after assessment, we begin cleaning up the damage the fire left behind. If your business has a dedicated fire department, they are there to assist with this task. Otherwise, it’s up to you and your employees or volunteers to get everything cleaned up as soon as possible.

A wet vacuum is an effective way of removing debris from floors and carpets after a fire has been extinguished. Make sure that no water gets into cracks or crevices where it could lead to further damage later on down the road when it rains again!

Call Burggraf Disaster Restoration and let the professionals help. 

Clean Up the Smoke

Once the fire is out and you have completed your clean up, take precautions to ensure that there are no lingering odors in your business. The smell of smoke lasts for months after the fire has been extinguished. Not only should you make sure that all debris is removed from the property, but also use all possible means at hand (i.e., fans, deodorizers). This helps keep any lingering smells from becoming too strong or toxic for you or your family members. If damages were caused by water from firefighting efforts, those damages need repairing.  This should happen before moving back into their restored building after cleanup work has finished up!

Start the Cleanup Process Immediately

It’s important to begin the fire cleanup process as soon as possible after a fire occurs. Fire damage spreads quickly and smoke damage is very harmful to health, so it is vital that you begin your cleanup efforts as soon as possible.

This guide gives you a better idea of what to expect from the commercial fire cleanup process. Remember that every situation is different, so it’s important to carefully assess the damage and inventory your property before beginning any work. Please contact us if your Tulsa building catches on fire, and we help you clean up the mess and pick up the pieces.