Every day closed is a day of lost revenue, so when businesses face long periods of shutdown for sewer cleanup, it’s prudent to work with experienced professionals who can expedite the process and ensure it’s performed correctly. When local proprietors collaborate with Burggraf Disaster Restoration, they receive the following measures.

1. Meticulous Inspection From Certified Experts

Not all water is the same. When a sewer backup invades property, the fluid brings with it an extremely high level of bacteria, contaminating the space and forcing the closure of the impacted section. The walls, floor and air are suspect, so specialists perform examinations of the structure and air quality. This information then drives the cleanup plan.

2. Monitored Water Removal and Drying

Moisture saturation permits mold, mildew and bacteria to thrive; therefore, sewer cleanup begins by decreasing humidity levels. Teams tear out damp, porous materials. Flood cuts occur in the drywall, removing at least a few feet above the waterline. Also, industrial dehumidifiers run around the clock to extract excess wetness. This continues until staff, using a moisture monitoring tool, identify appropriate levels.

3. Skilled Content Cleaning Assessment

Articles such as fixtures, electronics and documents undergo an inspection, determining whether efforts may be used to salvage them. Our team has dedicated workers trained in the up-to-date procedures; through their content cleaning efforts, the crew saves owners and insurance agencies from spending excess funds.

4. Microbial Treatment and Scrubbing

A flooded toilet demands more than drying. Experts with IICRC credentials work to meet national standards, sanitizing the property with antimicrobial spray and air scrubbers. Walls are washed and treated. Once disinfected, the structure is restored to normal.

Detailed sewer cleanup happens when owners and insurers work with people who understand how to rid a place of undesirable infestations. Remediation companies assist companies in dire times, getting the doors back open and the money flowing again.