Mold Remediation

Water damage is bad enough. What can happen if water is left standing still for too long is even worse. Mold is dangerous to your family’s health and can grow insanely fast. It’s known that mold only needs a day or two and an area of moisture to develop. Once it’s past this amount of time it becomes even more dangerous . Mold can spread rapidly and cause many health problems to humans it isn’t treated right away.

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To clean up massive amounts of mold, our company will do a process called Mold Remediation. This is a specific type of mold removal that removes mold spores and all types of mold throughout any room of your home. We use the highest quality Negative Air Machines and Anti-Microbial agents to fully restore your home or building to it’s original state before it was taken over by toxic mold. We will work with you to identify the problem and the source of the mold, the dry the structure or room completely to make sure no one is harmed by such a toxic matter.


Mold can grow pretty much anywhere where there is moisture. With that being said, the bathroom is a super common place to find mold if it hasn’t been cleaned recently or if there is sitting water somewhere in the room. The bathroom is always one of the rooms that is most used in any home, which is another reason why it’s a common place to find toxic mold if not taken care of right away.

Since the bathroom is a place with a lot of water, mold seems to grow more in this room than others simply because of the humidity and moisture of the water in the room. Puddles on floors, the steam from the shower, the toilet, and sitting water around the sink can all contribute to the growth of mold. The most important thing to prevent mold in the bathroom is ventilation. A bathroom fan or an open window can keep the air circulating throughout the room.

Kitchen Space

Most homes use the kitchen a good amount of the time throughout the course of a day. It’s an area with lots of people moving around it as well as eating and talking among other things. It is also an area of water-filled appliances such as a coffee maker, refrigerator and dishwasher. These can be places where mold can grow as well as food that has been lying around for too long.

To make sure mold doesn’t grow in your kitchen, clean up spilt liquids immediately, check all cabinets and drawers for moisture, and also use a fan or open windows and doors to fully aerate the air in your kitchen.

Tulsa Certified Professional Mold Removal Services

You may have seen small amounts of mold on a wall before, but what you might not have known or seen is that mold can grow inside the wall, specifically in Drywall. It is an extremely common but dangerous situation to have mold develop in your drywall. It’s nearly impossible to have it removed, the only solution is to cut out the pieces of drywall that are contaminated which turns into a huge ordeal that can become rather expensive.


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