In January we were on-site mitigating water damage at South Lakewood Baptist Church.

Their fire suppression lines burst and caused extensive damage inside.

Thankfully, with our crew and equipment, water damage of this size is all in a day’s work.

Update 4.30.24

There was a lot of damage involved in this project, as you can imagine, and we uncovered a lot of unforeseen items in the process. That’s typical during mitigation since you’re doing demolition, removing wet materials, and so forth. There’s always something you don’t see at first and you just have to address the issues as you find them.

In this case, we found several areas with multiple layers of flooring or multiple layers of drywall. So we had to keep peeling layers back and pulling them out in order to get everything dried out properly.

The water damage mitigation for this project finished up in February, about two weeks after the loss occurred. We still had heaters running out there for a month after the fact, just to keep the environment under control in case we had any additional cold snaps while the heat was off.

Now, the only thing that remains is the repair work. We met with the church board members to discuss how the how the repair process would go and the timelines. So we’re just waiting for them to decide which direction they want to go, whether they want to handle the repair work internally or if they want to hire it out.

They’re extremely happy with what we did for them on the emergency side and all the cleanup that we had to do because of the extent of the damage. Hopefully we’ll be able to finish up the repair work soon!

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