News On 6 covered Burggraf decontaminating a day school in Mannford, Oklahoma, as schools increasing sanitation.

Team Burggraf applied our COVID sanitation process to all rooms in the Alpha Sprouts Christian Day School. We used hospital-grade disinfectant and sanitizer spray.This works well not only for hospitals, but for offices, homes, and schools as well. This advanced formula kills any bacteria or viruses that have settled on any surfaces, including COVID-19.

Part of our process includes cleaning underneath tables, chairs, and we disinfected all the toys, leaving no surface untouched.

No cases of COVID-19 have surfaced in Mannford, but the school’s director, Lisa Hugens, chose being proactive during the lockdown. The schools are increasing sanitation for a reason, and we’re here to help.

“I just want to do and show parents that we’re doing all that we can do,” Hugens said. “We just want thorough cleaning, and we brought in the professionals to make sure the job is done right.”

Burggraf has 30+ years of experience in disaster restoration, and as schools are increasing sanitation we can work with you quickly to disinfect and sanitize your facilities! We can even help you develop a plan for your facility, and we can develop a standard operating procedure for your staff to prevent the spread of COVID.

Need your school properly cleaned? Give us a call at 918-584-3737.