Escalator Fire at the Hyatt Regency

When the main escalator in the Hyatt Regency of Tulsa caught fire, the hotel suffered more than just fire damage to the escalator.

During the brief moments before the fire was extinguished, smoke permeated nearly every room in the hotel, causing an incredible amount of damage throughout the establishment.

The Effects of Smoke Damage

Walls were stained on almost every floor, and as the air cleared from the initial disaster, it became obvious that the residue had saturated all porous surfaces.

This meant dangerous breathing conditions for the guests and employees. To add to the smoke damage, metallic object caught in the path of the rising smoke had started to corrode.

Finding the Right Solution

James Cunningham knew the situation required experts with years in their field, who would work in an ethical and professional manner to quickly restore the hotel to its original reputation of excellence.

We immediately called Burggraf, and within 15 minutes one of the Burggraf managers was on site, and they had started to mobilize their teams to be able to work on the hotel and to be able to get us to a safe position for our property.

And also to be able to start looking for and assessing what needed to be done to be able to get us back into business. Since the fire, it has been 76 days, but we have done approximately 14 months worth of work within those 76 days!

– James Cunningham, GM Hyatt Regency Tulsa

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