As a property owner in Tulsa, OK, a working bathroom is a necessity. When that bathroom is overworking and constantly flushing itself, it may cause a toilet overflow. That is not only a waste of water but may also lead to needing water damage restoration company to handle the toilet flood cleanup and damage repairs.

Steps to Stop a Toilet

When faced with a malfunctioning toilet, there are a few easy steps to help determine if the problem is the toilet itself or another issue.

Check that the toilet flapper is working. If the valve seal is damaged, water will continue running from the tank to the bowl. In some cases, the flapper may just need to be cleaned. If it needs to be replaced, ensure that you get proper measurements.

If the problem persists, the chain may not be the right length. One that is too long has the potential to get wound around the flapper. One that is too short will keep the flapper from sealing properly. Luckily, these are easy to adjust thanks to an easy hooking system.
The floating arm and ball may also be the issue. These are designed to ensure the tank is filled with the right amount of water. If you lift the arm and the water stops, the mechanism may not be working right and making the ball stick instead of float. These also can be easily adjusted by moving the arm to ensure the ball is not against the tank.

A Possible Hidden Issue

If the above seem to have no effect, there is a bigger underlying problem. It could mean that there is a blockage causing it to overflow. While that could be from a one-time incident of something improperly being flushed, it may also be related to a sewage issue. In this situation, it is best to call a professional plumber to fix the problem.

A toilet overflow should never be disregarded. Oftentimes, it requires an easy fix.