It can take thousands of gallons of water pouring from a fire department’s fire hose to extinguish a house fire. Now that the fire is out and the immediate threat is gone, what are the next steps? Read on to learn how a cleaning, restoration, and construction company can help homeowners get back into their homes following fire damage.

Fire Damage Restoration

There are seven steps in the fire restoration process:

  1. The homeowner calls a restoration company to speak with a specialist who will swiftly determine what resources and equipment will be necessary when technicians dispatch to the home.
  2. Technicians arrive at the home to perform an inspection and damage assessment. They carefully and thoroughly move throughout the structure, inspecting the extent of damage from the effects of fire, smoke, and water.
  3. For security purposes and to prevent further damage, the compromised parts of the exterior, such as windows, doorways, and roofing, are boarded up and covered in tarps.
  4. Water used to extinguish the fire needs to be pumped out of the house for the drying process to begin. Technicians bring dehumidifiers and other air-moving equipment to the home on the first day of services. Any materials or content damaged by water exposure are removed from the house to improve drying efficiency. The drying process needs to be monitored daily by visits from a technician.
  5. Trained technicians use specialized equipment to cleanse walls, ceilings, and other surfaces of soot and smoke.
  6. Restored structures, furniture, and belongings undergo a cleaning and sanitizing treatment. Furthermore, technicians utilize equipment, techniques, and products that remove odors.
  7. Finally, restoration and repairs begin. These may include minor repairs, such as flooring, drywall, or painting. These could be larger projects like total room reconstruction.

Fire damage is a nightmare for any homeowner, but no one needs to tackle the restoration process alone. Restoration companies are available to navigate homeowners through every step of home restoration, from cleaning and repairs to insurance company communications. A fire and water damage assessment is needed as soon as possible to begin restoration and return to normalcy.