Bill: One of the big things that’s going on right now, as people start to use their outside faucets: We find that they froze over the winter and they didn’t know it until the first time they used it and they flood the house.

We’ve had 6 or 8 of those calls already this spring. So that’s one of the things that goes on right now. People don’t know. They’ll turn the faucet on outside and be outside, and then they go in the house and they’ve got three rooms flooded from the pipe break.

Interviewer: Oh my gosh, that’s crazy. So what would have been the thing? Are you finding that they just didn’t cover up their outside drains or faucets or what’s typically the cause for the freezing? Is it just because it’s colder?

Robert: Yeah. Some of them could be older homes with older plumbing. They don’t have the freeze-proof faucets on the outside, and they didn’t cover them. And/or people do cover them, and we’ve just had such subzero cold, extreme cold weather for a short period of time that that it just affected the location of the faucet.

Bill: The north and west side of the house is the worst place for an outdoor faucet. And that’s where you’ll find most of them. If we have one that is broke, it’s usually on the north or northwest side.

Interviewer:  So, what do you recommend homeowners do as they start to make it outside and turn on these faucets? Just turn it on and just wait?

Bill: Turn it on. If you have normal pressure, you’re probably okay. But if you turn it on, just turn on, let the hose run and go inside, watch for a little bit. Watch the area of the room where that faucet goes outside. Just check the floor in that room where the faucet is going outside, and just make sure you don’t have a leak.

Robert: And if you have a flood, you call Burggraf.

Interviewer: Yes. That’s good right there. That’s a beautiful soundbite.

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