Commercial Carpet Cleaning in High Traffic Areas

“One of the unique challenges we face here when we’re doing cleaning projects is that we run at a very high occupancy…We don’t have the luxury of shutting down two or three floors at a time.” ~Nora Miller, general manager of the Ambassador Hotel

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Burggraf Disaster Restoration Services has offered commercial carpet cleaning for more than thirty years. You might encounter a problem bigger than you can handle in-house, but we’re here to help.

An overflowing toilet can flood a hotel bathroom in a few minutes, but a Burggraf crew can take the moisture out of the carpets before it has a chance to leave lasting damage. Frozen pipes might burst in the basement, but Team Burggraf cleans up the mess as quickly as possible.

Let us resolve the situation with our restoration team and commercial carpet cleaning experience. That way your hotel, restaurant, or other high-traffic and high-occupancy business can start welcoming guests once again.

Call us at (918) 584-3737. We’re here for your business in the darkest hour.