Active Case Situation

From the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we offered COVID sanitation to facilities who’ve encountered an active COVID-19 case. With careful disinfection, however, places of business continue serving their patients, customers, and clients.

So when the Bartlesville Health and Rehab facility came to us for help, we responded immediately. Our task began with EPA recommended products and CDC approved procedures.

We set to work immediately to restore their facility as soon as possible, and we were happily able to do so.

Specially-formulated, hospital-grade chemicals are part of our process, and they have been proven effective against enveloped viruses. Not only that, but they leave no harmful residue. Our hydroxyl units sterilize the air, and have also been proven effective against other enveloped viruses.

Going the Extra Mile

Extra measures like assisting with negative air flow play a big role in preventing the spread of the virus. This simple concept helps take away most toxins, and it increases clean air flow throughout the building.

Our small but important part toward aiding prevention also reduced risk in this vital community resource. Our goal is to properly sanitize your business to keep it safe and give confidence to your staff and customers. Remember that industrial hygienists and indoor air quality specialists are available to test quality and develop protocols.

Let us know how we can help your business. We’re doing all we can to keep everyone stay safe and well.

For COVID Sanitation: Call (918) 584-3737

COVID rehab center sanitation