It’s natural to want to return to work as soon as possible after your business suffers from a costly incident, such as a black water flood. After all, you have this big expense to pay off and you’re losing money just by not being at the office. No matter how eager you are, you still have to consider your employees’ personal safety. Keep the following safety considerations in mind before you send your employees back to your Coffeyville, KS office.

1. Clear Out the Flood Water.

Both black and gray water floods pose major safety concerns for your employees. Black water is characterized by the presence of harmful biohazards, such as human/animal fecal matter, raw sewage and dangerous chemicals. You absolutely have to make sure you clear out all of the contaminated flood water and thoroughly disinfect every exposed surface before you allow your employees to return to the office.

2. Check the Air Quality.

It’s very possible that the biohazards introduced with the flood water could have gotten into the air itself. Make sure to set up fans and other air filtration devices throughout your building to help eliminate harmful agents. As an additional safety measure, you may want to consider keeping these filtration devices running even after your employees come back.

3. Sweep Up Any Physical Debris.

The physical damages should be the first task you address during flood cleanup. Strong flood waters can introduce harmful objects into the office, such as stray nails, glass shards and other sharp, broken or otherwise exposed edges. Make sure to sweep the office floors thoroughly to ensure every hidden danger is taken care of.

As a business owner, your employees’ personal safety should be your number one priority. Taking the time and effort to thoroughly clean and disinfect your office building following a black water flood is a non-negotiable task for you. To ease the cleanup process, contact flood remediation experts for assistance.