Team Burggraf has received many calls for COVID-19 disinfection service, and those calls lead to facilities which recently encountered active cases. So, here’s what we do in these situations:

Infectious disease protocols
Our goal is to ensure the area is properly sanitized and safe for everybody. Industrial hygienists and indoor air quality specialists are available to test quality and develop protocols.

Safe, Effective Formulas
We use hospital-grade chemicals proven effective against enveloped viruses and leave no harmful residue. We also have equipment, such as effective, hydroxyl units to sterilize the air.

Staff COVID Sanitation Training
We’ll help you develop a plan for your facilities, and we will help implement standard operating procedure for your staff to prevent spread of infectious disease.

We’ve helped many clients with plans and operating procedures for situations just like this, and we develop this COVID-19 disinfection service for both the short term and the long term. We can help you do the same for any kind of infectious disease.

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