No one wants to have a reason to use their fire escape plan, but life tends to throw unexpected curves at the least-expected moments. For this reason, an emergency protocol in the case of fire can be one of the most important things you create for your family. However, those precious minutes between the realization that you are dealing with a fire emergency and the second you get your family to safety pass entirely too quickly, so having a solid emergency escape plan is essential.

According to the Red Cross, here are seven things every fire plan should include:

1. Working Smoke Alarms

If you haven’t tested the smoke alarms in your home for a while, now would be a good time to do it. Batteries should be replaced yearly to ensure that your device is always working properly.

2. Accessible Exits

Each member of your family should know two different ways to get out of your home as quickly as possible. Keep these exits clear of any obstructions, and be sure everyone knows where to meet each other once they get outside.

3. Contact Plan

Work together to develop a list of who to contact if they are alone in the house during a fire, or if they are unable to find the rest of the family. Help younger children memorize important phone number, including 9-1-1.

4. Practice Drills

No matter how old your family members are, going through the motions of a fire escape plan can make a big difference in how smoothly things go during the real thing. Try starting your family fire drill by pressing the test button on the smoke alarm to alert everyone that it’s “go time.

5. Stop, Drop and Roll

In the case of clothes catching on fire, teach everyone in the home to “stop, drop and roll.”
It’s never too early to hammer out your fire escape plan. Be sure to include the contact information for Burggraf Disaster Restoration in Tulsa, OK, to help with the clean up of any damage that may occur.