When a fire occurs, most of the focus is on restoring the property that was damaged by the flames. However, smoke can cause as much damage as the flames themselves and can sometimes be more difficult to restore. Proper smoke cleaning is essential for restoring property damaged by smoke. These are four of the steps in the smoke restoration process.

1. Remove the Source of the Odor
One of the most difficult aspects of smoke damage to address is the smoke odor. Remove any smoke-damaged items that can not be restored or that will be restored offsite from the property as soon as possible.

2. Clean Everything That Wasn’t Removed
Once you are done removing items from the building, you should do smoke cleaning. It can be helpful to contact a professional smoke remediation company in Tulsa, OK, to assist with this step. However, if you decide to do it yourself, use a wet sponge for hard porous materials and a dry sponge for less porous hard materials.

3. Counteract the Remaining Odor
Smoke odors can be notoriously difficult to get rid of. Equipment such as thermal foggers and ozone treatments are often employed by professional cleaning companies to remove smoke smells.

4. Seal Surfaces
Seal any surfaces, such as scorched wood, that are damaged, but are not being removed, after odor removing treatments are applied. Wood expands in high heat conditions, such as those that may occur in hot summer weather or in industrial operations that generate a lot of heat. This causes the pores to open, which can release trapped smoke odors into your building. Sealing the surfaces helps prevent this.

Smoke damage can be difficult to completely remove; however, proper smoke cleaning techniques greatly increase your chances of restoring your property to pre-loss condition. Following these four steps will help you remove stubborn smoke stains and odors.