After a Flood: What Happens Next

Many of our customers who have experienced a water damage catastrophe want to know what will happen next, after the initial contact and visit by our Water Damage Restoration Technicians. The following is a general guideline of the usual process to dry and restore your structure to the condition prior to the loss or catastrophe.

Step One

The first step, if not yet taken, is to contact your insurance company. They will usually assign an adjuster to handle your loss. The adjuster may or may not visit you. The adjuster will be your key contact person to answer any questions regarding insurance coverage and what your policy covers regarding your loss.

You will need to notify us of your adjuster’s name and phone number. We will also contact the adjuster to report our findings about the loss, assist with pictures, measurements, etc. We will also present to your adjuster an estimate/invoice for our emergency services, which are usually covered by your policy, less your deductible.

Step Two

The drying process usually takes anywhere from three to seven days, sometimes longer. This depends on many factors, such as the duration of water standing in the structure, how much water wicked up the walls, whether there are wet wood floors (and what type of wood floors), whether there are wet cabinets, and even the temperature and humidity outdoors and indoors.

Leaving the fans and dehumidifiers ON is CRITICAL to the drying process. Even though the carpet may appear to be dry in a few days, there can still be hidden and invisible moisture in cabinets, walls and subfloors that can cause rotting, mold and mildew if not properly dried out.

Step Three

A technician from Burggraf Services will want to check the equipment and monitor the drying process every two or three days. He will require access to the premises for this purpose between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. We usually place a lock box with your key in it on the door to accommodate these monitoring visits and not disrupt your work schedule. The technician will report his moisture readings to his supervisor, who will see that the data is updated to your file.

Step Four

As soon as the moisture readings are normal and the drying process is complete, the restoration can begin. If water has damaged ceilings or walls, or if painting is required, a project estimator from Burggraf Services will contact you to prepare an estimate of the repairs for the adjuster’s approval before any of the work can begin. If there are no structural repairs required, you will be contacted after the drying process is complete to schedule carpet reinstallation and cleaning.

Step Five

If you have any questions regarding the drying process or structural repairs, please call us at 918-584-3737. Our goal in serving you is to get your structure dried and restored as quickly as possible.